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What Sticktoitiveness Can Teach You

May 10, 2016



Note From Rochelle



Dear Writers,


FullSizeRenderYesterday, I participated in my 3rd annual Run Like a Mother race. As I got close to what I thought was the finish line, I learned I had one more lap to complete first. And standing between me and the finish line? A Little Free Library, stuffed with books. Can I tell you how long that short stretch felt and how hard it was to pass up the books? Sweaty and tired, I ran past those books, determined to finish strong!

That run reminded me of a conversation I had with a student a few weeks ago—and what he taught me about sticktoitiveness!


Happy Writing! Rochelle, the Write Now! Coach





What Sticktoitiveness Can Teach You by Rochelle Melander


A few weeks ago, one of my brightest and most challenging students stayed after class to finish a project. Before he left he said, “You know, I hated this class at first. But I’m learning that if I focus on something, after a while I get into it. Now I like this class.”




I’ve had similar experiences with writing. I sometimes get projects that I really don’t like or that seem too difficult. If I can make myself sit with the discomfort for a bit, then I sometimes have a breakthrough and get into the project. In those times, it can be hard to stop working.


So here’s the lesson for this week: don’t give up too soon.


Get connected to your sticktoitiveness and cultivate it as a habit.


Next time you feel blocked or challenged by a project, keep working on it. Sometimes, you can find your way through the tough parts to the fun part by sticking with it.


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.




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