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Mindfulness for Writers

July 5, 2016

Note From Rochelle

Dear Writers,

Every year, I think: THIS summer will be different. I’ll prepare for the transitions, I’ll make a plan, I’ll sail right through it! Yeah, right. Like every other year, I’ve struggled to write in the midst of changing schedules, sick kids, and my own desire to get outside and play!

One thing that has consistently helped me is learning how to be present in the moment. I can’t always pull it off, but when I do—it helps. Today’s tip talks about how mindfulness can support you as a writer.

Happy Writing!
Rochelle, the Write Now! Coach


Mindfulness For Writers by Rochelle Melander



“To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work.” —Mary Oliver


In this summer’s Write-A-Thon Coaching group, we’ve been talking a lot about mindfulness or paying attention to the present moment.


When we write, we need to focus on the single task in front of us. Instead of worrying over the past or future, fearing we’ll miss out on some online event, or wondering if we should be working on another project—we write. We pay attention to the tiny chunk we’re writing right now.


I’ve discovered that practicing mindfulness in other parts of my life helps me when I write. I know how to pay attention to my writing because I did it while chopping vegetables for the salad. Group classes like yoga or painting are good ways to practice sustained attention with others.


But you can do this on your own. Take any task you do that requires attention and pay attention while you do it. Yup, that means when you’re folding towels, fold towels—don’t add watching television and talking on the phone to the mix. See if practicing mindfulness improves your ability to focus on your writing!




Your turn: Add your tips for paying attention below!


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  1. I find a change scenery helps me focus. Move away from the papers on the desk, the laundry to fold, and the temptation to check messages. Even if the move is only to the backyard or a chair I don’t often use.

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