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Manage Your Social Media Reputation


Dear writers,

Need some good books to read this summer? Our summer reading series Writers Read is under way. Not only will you receive great book recommendations, but you will also have many chances to win books! On Friday, my friend Bob Sitze wrote a smashing post on great nonfiction books. Comment on Bob Sitze’s post by noon Thursday for a chance to win a copy of his book, It’s NOT Too Late: A Field Guide to Hope. The winner will be announced this Friday on the blog, when we will have a brand new Writers Read post on Fantasy fiction.

Today’s tip continues our social media summer series by giving you an easy process for managing your social media reputation.

Happy writing,

Rochelle, the Write Now! Coach


Manage Your Social Media Reputation 

by Rochelle Melander

1. Search for brand you. Using Google and a few other search engines (see for a comprehensive list), search your name; book titles; blog, business, or website name; and anything else pertaining to brand you.

2. Set up Google Alerts. Use Google Alerts to monitor your name and key writing interests so that you are always aware of when you and your topic pop up online.

3. Correct mistakes. This might be the wrong contact information (including links to old websites and email addresses) or bios from a previous era. Update your information whenever possible. Eliminate anything that might tarnish your reputation. Delete unused social media accounts. Ask website owners to remove inaccurate posts.

4. Create Your Own Content. Part of the key to building a platform and controlling your online reputation is having that home on the web I spoke about several issues ago. Until you get your website or blog set up, create robust social media profiles that will represent you online.

5. Repeat! I wish I could tell you that doing this process once will be enough. But when it comes to the dynamic world of social media, change is the constant. If possible, allow 10-15 minutes a day to follow up on Google Alerts. Set up a monthly time to manage your social media reputation. It can be helpful to keep a running log of changes and queries to review during the monthly social media session.

Your turn: What have you done to manage your social media reputation? Share your tips below!

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