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Make this Small Shift and Write More

December 12, 2017


Note From Rochelle


Dear Readers,


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Today’s tip will help you stop wishing for oodles of time and write for a few minutes right now.





Make this Small Shift and Write More

By Rochelle Melander


Award winning author Kate DiCamillo writes just two pages a day. With that practice, she has created a large body of work, including multiple novels, early readers and picture books.


Many writers long for whole, unscheduled days to focus on their writing. When those don’t show up—or work out—they may not write for weeks. Kate DiCamillo’s practice reminded me that we don’t need to write a big old pile of words to make a writing session worthwhile. We just need to write.


This small shift can transform writing careers. Thanks to putting in daily 30-minute sessions, I’m almost done with my new book, Level Up. One of my clients wrote a page a day in 2017 and now has finished his novel. What would writing a small chunk each day allow you to create in the next year?


Try This!

This week, choose a type of chunk that works for you to do daily. It might be a chunk of time (10 or 15 minutes), a chunk of text (a paragraph, scene, or page), or a task (brainstorm, outline, research). Then do it.


No matter how small the step you take, you’ll be moving forward on your project. And that’s a good thing!



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