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Is It Time to Write Your Book?

December 4, 2018


Note From Rochelle


Dear Writers,


Happy December!


Today’s tip will help you decide if it’s time to write your book.


And if now is the right time, then think about purchasing coaching sessions to help you get the accountability and information you need to more forward! For this year’s holiday special, I’m offering the “Can You Look at My Pages” coaching session for the price of the “I Just Need to Talk” session. Any purchase of the “I Just Need to Talk” session between now and December 31, 2018 will get the upgrade. You can purchase as many sessions as you want and use the session anytime between now and December 31, 2019. Visit my website to learn more.

Happy Writing!



time to write

Is it Time to Write Your Book?

By Rochelle Melander


I hear this statistic a lot: 80% of Americans want to write a book. But how many of these people actually do it? And what tips us from “wannabe” to writer?


Are you one of those people who want to write a book but have been waiting for the right topic or time? Here’s how to know if it’s finally time to write your book.


You have something to say

You have a unique process or approach to your field of study—and you are excited to share it with others. Perhaps you write blog posts or articles. But you’d like to explore this idea in more detail. A book can help you do that. When you write a book, you can shape your ideas, dig into a topic in detail, and share what you know with your readers.


You have an audience eager to read more

Perhaps you blog, teach classes, or work with clients. Your readers and clients are excited by your ideas and regularly ask you for more. Or they love your process and want to be able to do it at home on their own or share it with their clients. If you have people who want to hear more from you, a book offers you the opportunity to share your story or process with them.


Your message is timely

Maybe you have a story or a process that fits well with the struggles that people are facing right now. Perhaps your book is tied to a current or historical event, like an election or the passing of a treaty. Or maybe you have a conference or retreat coming up, and you’d like to share your ideas in a book. All of these are good reasons to take that book off your someday list and start writing.


You feel called to write a book

This sense of being called to write a book shows up in different ways. Maybe you wake up earlier than usual and know you need to use the time to write. Or you react strongly to someone else’s success, feeling jealous of them or frustrated with yourself. Or you get teary when you attend a book signing or a play, knowing that you are called to create something, too. However the calling shows up, pay attention: these are signs that the time to work on your book is now.


But how?

But once you know that it’s time to write your book, how do you move forward? It’s often as simple as setting the intention to finish your book by a specific date and then setting aside the time to write it. Of course, there are things to figure out: how to structure the book, write for your ideal reader, and get your ideas on paper.


Many of us experience challenges along the way: we feel afraid, we don’t know how to move forward, or we get overwhelmed by life and work.


I can help

After writing a dozen of my own books and helping many clients write their books, I can help you:

+Discover the best time to write

+Stay accountable

+Overcome procrastination and writer’s block

+Understand the best book structure for your ideas

+Shape your content to attract your ideal readers


If you’d like to talk about your project and how I can help you start and finish your book, schedule a free consultation. And if you don’t find a time on my scheduler that works for you, email me. We’ll find a time!







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