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Guest Post: Write Your Bestselling, Client-Attracting Book in a Weekend and Make a Fortune! by Rich van Smarmington


I’m delighted to welcome my colleague Rich van Smarmington to the blog. He read Write-A-Thon: Write Your Book in 26 Days (and Live to Tell About It) and told me he could teach you how to write even faster (and make a fortune). So, I’m giving him a shot even though I don’t believe you can write a book in just a weekend. Also, I’ve never made THAT kind of money from my books. But whatever. I hope his program works for you. It hasn’t worked for me. Yet.

Rochelle, the Write Now! Coach


file7411252893790Write Your Bestselling, Client-Attracting Book in a Weekend and Make a Fortune!

(No Training, No Work and No Expertise needed!)

by Rich van Smarmington, bestselling author and social media guru

Teaching You How to Do Less and Earn More since 2014


Do you dream of quitting your day job? Is writing a book on your bucket list? Do you long to make money by teaching seminars from the comfort of your million-dollar beach house? Now you can. I’ve perfected a process that’s fast, easy, and, best of all, takes no preparation. Here’s how:

1. Get real. Do you really want to drink the horrible office coffee for the rest of your working life? How long are you planning to let your brother-in-law look down his large snout at you just because his luxury car cost more than that piece of crap car you drive to work? And can you face one more high school reunion as the loser you are? Get real about life. You can fix this. And I can show you how.

2. Find your desperados. You’re desperate to make money and be famous, right? Capitalize on that feeling. Find a large group of frantic people and resolve to fix their problem, even if you don’t know how. Take a look at #3 and learn how to find an answer to their dilemma fast.

3. Get expertise. Have you always thought you needed a pesky PhD or years of experience to become an expert? Think again. All you need to do is read one book and you will know more about your topic than 97% of the population. So find a book that will fix your desperados’ problem and read it. And since you have only a weekend, read fast.

4. Write. Now that you’ve read the book, all you have to do is write one of your own. Just make it simpler than the one you read. You only have a weekend, and there’s only so much you can write in a few days, so don’t yammer on. Get to the point. Here’s the outline we use at the Write Your Bestselling, Client-Attracting Book in a Weekend and Make a Fortune Program (WYBCABIAWAMAFP):

Chapter One: Describe your desperados’ problem with a great story. Reel them in with details of how bad it can be. (Use the senses! What does their problem smell like?) Let them know that you can help them. Just don’t tell them how. Yet.

Chapter Two: Talk more about the problem. Make lists of the symptoms of their problem. Tell the stories of how real people who experience these problems feel. List the effects of having this horrible problem.

Chapter Three: Talk about how a solution might be able to relieve the stress of experiencing the problem.

Epilogue: Give your readers a taste of the solution. Let them experience just a little of how you can help them solve their horrible problem. Just don’t give them more details. Do let them know that you’ll share all of your secrets at the thousand-dollar seminar and your $10,000 private coaching package.

5. Package it! Slap a shiny cover on that little beauty and get it online. Make sure you list it in a tiny little category that speaks directly to your desperados so that you can own that category and claim the title, “bestselling author.” And put up a squeeze-page site to sell your seminar and coaching package.

Bonus: Now add “bestselling author” to your email signature and every single one of your social media profiles. Talk about yourself incessantly online and offline, and push that coaching program on your desperados. Before the week’s over, you’ll be rich!





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