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Get Accountable and Write More

September 15, 2020



Note From Rochelle



Dear Writers,


How’d you do with taking small steps? For me and my clients, having a friend or coach to keep us accountable can be extremely helpful.


Would you be interested in an accountability coaching group? I am considering starting one, but I’d like to hear if you need one. If you are interested, contact me.





Get Accountable and Write More

by Rochelle Melander


The only good teachers for you are those friends who love you, who think you are interesting, or very important, or wonderfully funny; whose attitude is: “Tell me more.” —Brenda Ueland


Accountability can make a huge difference in getting work done. People write more when they are working toward a deadline. And when they don’t have a real deadline, it’s important to invent one. I’ve found several ways to invent deadlines. Here are three ways to keep yourself accountable.


Get an Accountability Buddy

Find one person who will hold you accountable to your writing. Or, challenge each other to finish a manuscript by a certain date. Check in once a week. Text each other before or after you write. Do whatever it takes to make sure you put that butt in the chair and get your writing done.


Get a Critique Partner

Find a friend or colleague to exchange manuscripts with. Decide together on how much you can read and what kind of feedback you need.


Join a Mastermind Group

For years, I’ve met with small networking groups to help me stay accountable. When I wanted to quit, these connections have helped me to leap forward. During these meetings, we’d ask the same questions:

+What are you writing?

+What’s working?

+What do you need help with?


Join a Critique Group

Professional writers study great writing—and know what works and what doesn’t work. When we invite other writers to read and critique our writing, we expand our understanding of good writing. And, we learn about our blind spots. From complex comments on structure and voice to technical lessons on commas and run-on sentences, a good critique can strengthen our writing. Plus, it keeps us accountable!


Pro Tip: Check the website of national writing groups to find a reliable critique group.


Hire a Coach

When you get serious about your writing, a coach can help you dream bigger, work harder, and reach your goals.


Your turn: How has connecting helped you to write more?



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