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How to Find Your Writing Tribe by Julie Cantrell

November 14, 2017



Note From Rochelle


Dear Readers,


Do you have a writing tribe? People you hang out with and talk writing and publishing? Do you have people to critique your work and offer support when things get tough?

Today I’m delighted to welcome bestselling author Julie Cantrell to the blog to talk about finding a writing tribe. Her brand new novel, Perennials, is out today!






How to Find Your Writing Tribe

By Julie Cantrell


Writing can be an isolating career, but by finding at least one trusted partner, writers can help fuel one another’s creative spirits, offer moral and professional support, and push one another to be the most effective and efficient writers we can be.


There are many ways to find a partner. Consider these options for starters:


  1. Attend a writing conference where like-minded souls are in search of peer support and/or constructive feedback. The Write Life has posted a comprehensive list of conferences and The Shaw Guides: Guide to Writers Conferences & Writing Workshops maintains an up-to-date list as well.


  1. Join social media chats about publishing, especially those within your specific genre (suspense, women’s fiction, romance, etc.) Try searching for topics by using hashtags such as #fiction #romcom #SciFi #writer, etc. or check out this fabulous list of online groups for writers posted by Every Writer.


  1. Each November, writers across the world sign up for National Novel Writing Month. It’s free to register online where you can engage with other writers and arrange to meet locals in person. Many writers who connect through #Nanowrimo continue to meet year-round.


  1. Join or create a Meet Up group for writers in your community. You can start by hosting a general meeting for writers of all types, and then narrow the group down into specific sub-groups if the numbers are large.


In addition to connecting via online forums, it’s a good idea to be part of a strong writing group in your local community. If no writing groups are currently active in your area, consider launching one. You might be surprised how grateful and helpful other writers are once you dare to gather together.


It also may be fun to branch out by launching a book club for writers, quilters circle for writers, or a hiking group for writers, etc. This way, you can continue to build friendships beyond your shared interest of writing.



About the author: Julie Cantrell is an award-winning New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling novelist and TEDx presenter whose fourth novel, Perennials, hits shelves Nov. 14, 2017. Learn more about Julie’s work:




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