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Creating an Interactive Journal

An Interview with Lauren Smith and Christy Maxey

I love The Mindful Dating Journal! When I read it, I found the tips and tools to be immensely helpful. I’m not dating, but I will use the journal to reflect on meetings with new friends, potential clients, and business colleagues.

As a writer and coach, I was fascinated by the interactive content in this book. The writers have created a unique product that both informs the reader and invites them to contribute their ideas and reflections.



Can you tell us about the book?

The Mindful Dating Journal is both a book and an interactive journal. It’s a practical tool to help you intentionally navigate the dating process with more confidence and increased self-awareness. The first two chapters include proven self-healing techniques to help you reconnect with yourself, build self-worth, and develop emotional resilience. Prioritize yourself while making wise decisions to find the healthy love you deserve. Think of it like dating self-care.

This book will help you make it a habit to get in touch with your emotions, investigate your thoughts, and make wise dating decisions you can trust.

By using the powerful Journal prompts after each and every date, you can escape unhealthy dating patterns of the past and learn to trust yourself to make informed decisions on who to date and who to dump. This time, dating is different. YOU are in charge of your dating success.


How did you end up writing the book together?

I reached out to Christy way back in mid-September of 2020 with the idea for this book.

I had been using an early version of this Dating Journal that I crafted for my own personal use. I wanted to make sure I didn’t get sucked into painful dating cycles of my past.

Turns out, reflecting in this journal after a date was a huge game-changer for me. I was able to re-prioritize my needs and learn to trust myself to make a healthy decision on who to welcome into my life.

So one morning I emailed Christy asking if she would help me craft my journal prompts into something truly helpful for a wider range of modern daters.

Within the same day, she responded with a big YES and we’ve been working consistently over the last year to ensure this tool will bring maximum healing to your dating life!


The rest of the interview is on video! Woot!

Take a look:


About the authors

Lauren Smith is a full-time designer and author based in New Jersey. An example of a typical millennial dater, she has spent years researching and growing through bad breakups to blaze a Mindful Dating path for other self-aware daters.




Christy Maxey, MC has been in the Mental Health Field for over two decades. A former therapist, now personal development coach and founder/author of the Maxx Method, she specializes in helping people heal the past by building emotional intelligence and uncovering true self-worth.




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