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Books For Writers

Need some more ideas for books to give the writers in your life? Here are three great options. And here’s the best part: I’m giving away a copy of each book! Read on to learn how you can win.

For the writer who wants to make more money. A few years ago, a new friend said to me, “Well you’ve published so many books, I bet you can just live off the royalties.” I tried not to laugh (or cry). I’ve been writing professionally since 1992. My royalty checks might finance my latte habit for the year, if I limit myself to one beverage a week. When I want to make some real money—enough to make a house payment or take my family on vacation—I take on projects without bylines. I don’t get credit for the writing, but the projects are usually short, and the pay is great.

If you or one of your writing buddies is hoping to make more money in 2012, buy this book: Goodbye Byline, Hello Big Bucks: The Writer’s Guide to Making Money Ghostwriting and Coauthoring Books by Kelly James-Enger. James-Enger has made a six-figure income from writing and shares her secrets to success in this book and her previous guide, Six-Figure Freelancing: The Writer’s Guide to Making More Money. Like Six-Figure Freelancing, Goodbye Byline, Hello Big Bucks is packed full of information, practical tips, and real-life examples. James-Enger tells you how to find clients, separate promising clients from time wasters, set your fees, and negotiate a contract. If that isn’t enough, she’s thrown in a chapter on how to avoid the most common problems. If you are thinking of adding ghostwriting or coauthoring to your repertoire this year, Goodbye Byline, Hello Big Bucks is your must-have resource.

For the writer who needs to write faster. So how are you going to ghost write all of those books and still have time to write that novel, exercise daily, prepare and eat three meals, and sleep? You either need to get cloned or use the tips in my latest book: Write-A-Thon: Write Your Book in 26 Days (And Live to Tell About It) by Rochelle Melander. I wrote this book to help wannabe authors dump the excuses, organize their time, and write their books faster than they thought possible. Even if you do not want to write your book in 26 days, this guide will help you discover your hidden expertise, plan your writing schedule, keep your butt in the chair, and overcome just about any obstacle that life throws at you.

For the writer who needs to be inspired. If you heard my Write Now! Mastermind class yesterday, you know that the writers who succeed have grit—perseverance and passion to work toward achieving a long term goal. We can strengthen our grit by hanging around gritty people and, if that’s not possible, reading about them. Fanny Fern (1811-1872), a novelist, journalist, and feminist, “outsold Harriet Beecher Stowe, won the respect of Nathaniel Hawthorne, and served as literary mentor to Walt Whitman.” (From Shame the Devil book jacket). Though Fanny Fern achieved literary success, it did not happen overnight. It took a great amount of grit for Fanny Fern to overcome the death of a husband, abuse from another, poverty, and dozens of other challenges to become the Oprah of her day. In the novel Shame the Devil, author Debra Brenegan has taken the historical Fanny Fern and given us a delicious and resonant portrait of this successful nineteenth century writer. Readers follow Fern from childhood through difficult years and into times of success and prosperity. Brenegan’s careful eye for detail provides a unique look into nineteenth century life for women. Shame the Devil is not only a fascinating read but also an inspiring record of a writer’s life.

Your turn: What books will you be giving the writers in your life this year? What books have made a difference to you?

The Giveaway. I have a copy of each of these books to give away. If you’d like to be entered into the drawing, do one or more of the following actions between now and Tuesday, December 20 at midnight. Each of the following tasks will get you one entry in the drawing:

*Comment below.

*Tweet about this post using @WriteNowCoach in your tweet.

*Quote this post in your blog and link back to it.

*Become a follower of this blog.

And yes, you can do all four actions!

I will announce the winner next Wednesday on the blog!

36 Responses

  1. Jillian Letizia

    I am a new writer with amazing ideas! Getting them on paper is my goal at the moment and I am taking all the help I can get!!

  2. Jenny

    Thanks! Some great suggestions – I’m hoping to get the Write-A-Thon book under my tree this year to prep me for next year…or maybe I’ll get so motivated I’ll have my own novel-writing month!

    1. writenowcoach

      Yeah! I hope you will do a write-a-thon in 2012. I wrote the book partly to give people permission to write their books any old time they want! 🙂

  3. Rebecca

    I love giving books for christmas. I purchased several for the five people in my family and a young writing book to inspire my ten year old nephew who has started writing.

  4. Kristen

    I’ve been looking for some great books on writing to give myself inspiration. Thanks for the list, such an excellent place to start!

  5. Thanks for the book list! I really hadn’t thought of ghostwriting as an option. I actually may know of a potential client. Incidentally, the writer’s group for which I am co-leader shares a name with your blog, “Write Now!” Thanks for all your wonderful advice.

  6. Caleb Sizemore

    I’m the type of writer that spends FAR too much time outlining, and not enough time, by far, pounding out the pages! I’d love to be pushed to push the pen towards more pages, not ideas…I have those already!

  7. Janine L.

    New year, new start! I’ve been organizing and jotting down ideas which come to me as inspiration hits in preparation to getting down to the process of writing. Any and all tools to help work towards my creative goals is appreciated! Would love to have these books.

  8. Sally Brower

    I am at 56,000 words and still not quite finished with my November writing – Christmas is the new deadline. Hope to win your book so I can do better.

  9. I really appreciated the Write Now! Mastermind class and all the great insights on setting goals. Listening to the conference call is like attending a mini-writers’ workshop each month. Thanks.
    Regarding books about people with grit, I recommend “Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption” by Laura Hillenbrand. It’s the story of Louie Zamperini–Olympic runner and USAF bombadier. After his plane crashed in the Pacific, he demonstrated grit drifting across the Pacific in a raft for over 40 days and then surviving a succession of brutal Japanese POW camps. The ending is nothing short of astonishing.

  10. I would love to win one of your books. I bought “Write-a-thon” – working through it now. Next on my list is “Goodbye Byline, Hello Big Bucks:” (love the title…lol!).

    Subscribed to your blog.

    Best wishes to you for a wonderful holiday season and a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2012!

    1. writenowcoach

      Hi Deborah, Thanks so much for getting my book and for the kind holiday wishes. Have a wonderful holiday season and a happy New Year!

  11. Lisa

    Thank you for the permission to be idle! I feel guilty if I’m not doing something every moment of the day–especially if all the “have-to’s” are done and there is some time to do something (anything) to try to further my writing. Your comment, though, made me see that sometimes being idle can be constructing in further my writing.
    Thank you! And have an incredible holiday!

    1. writenowcoach

      I’m right there with you, Lisa. My spiritual director tells me that guilt is a brick in the road to he**! So, I am working on being idle–and reminding myself and others how essential it is for our writing!

  12. Desina

    Thanks for the list. I am working on my novel, though not doing the actual writing as often as I should (ie: not daily), though plenty of ruminating. I know that helps, but without the pressure of an external deadline, I tend not to push myself as much as I could. I have Write-A-Thon, which has provided some great inspiration and tips.

    This year I want to also push myself to do some more freelance work. Those books above may be just what I need to give me the boost, though it’s confidence I really need. A good book can get me so excited about the prospect of doing it, that the confidence follows without conscious decision. Thanks again.

  13. Libby

    I can write but need the tools to find an income. I want to do the 26 day plan first and stick to it! Thanks for the great suggestions and blog.

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