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Author Event: Martin King’s #100Blogfest

Martin KingWelcome writer Martin King! He is stopping by Write Now! Coach as a part of his #100blogfest—where he is blogging about his childhood at 100 different blogs in August.

Do the math, writers: 100 posts at 100 blogs equals about 3 blog posts a day. What a great idea and challenge! That sounds like a Write-A-Thon to me! No doubt, by the end of the month, King will have enough content for a book. Writers, I encourage you to take on a similar challenge.

And now here’s Martin’s post on his teenaged encounter with The Octopus Dance:

When I was about fifteen, I went to a school we nicknamed ‘The Modern’ because it was fairly new, and my mother’s generation had called it that before us. Music was such an important part of most kid’s lives. I had been brought with a very sheltered music offering, so while I was playing Basil Brush and Pinky and Perky LPs, my friends were into bands such as Adam and the Ants or The Specials.

Fads such as Two Tone and SKA were hugely popular with pupils wearing crombies and loafers to school.

Do you remember Woolworths? The pick and mix eh! Well do you remember those dodgy tapes they used to knock out? They were copycat albums, but covered by a sound-a-like band. Well my parents had bought a couple of ABBA tapes, and I knew all those songs off by heart. So while my mates were going round sporting cool bands felt tipped onto their school bags, mine was emblazoned with the four letters A.B.B.A. I even went to see Abba The Movie.

One particular day I was round at a mate’s house—they were three of us there altogether. He had just bought the new single by Madness called Baggy Trousers. Not wanting to look un-cool, I started performing a dance to that fast beat that comprised of my arms and legs flopping about in every direction in no coherent manner. When challenged by my mates, I simply replied it was called the octopus dance and explained it was the official dance for that song. So that afternoon, the three of us danced to our hearts content with the new craze that never left the living room – Madness: The Octopus dance!

These blogs are all about fun and sharing. Thank you for reading a #100blogfest blog. Please follow this link to find the next blog in the series:



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