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Writing Accountability Group


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Are you struggling to get writing done?

Do you put off your passion projects and do busy work?

Do you feel like you could produce better content if you didn’t have to rush to finish your work?

Does rushing to finish your work make it harder for you

Do you seek out distractions?

I can help!

This summer I am offering a weekly accountability group designed to help you:

+Develop a regular writing practice that FITS with your schedule

+Discover and use your strengths to write with more ease

+Master your mindset to silence the inner critic and write more

+Learn tools to overcome  obstacles that get in the way of you starting and finishing projects

+Figure out how to ditch distractions and focus regularly

You won’t believe how much work you get done when you have an accountability group!

Psychology professor Robert Boice examined the habits of productive and unproductive faculty writers. He found that writers who belonged to peer writing groups received the following benefits:

  • Maintained momentum to complete a project
  • Produced more work
  • Developed more creative ideas
  • Improved the quality of their writing
  • Identified sources for publication

Are you ready to get started?

Every week, you’ll learn a new tool for overcoming procrastination, focusing, and completing your work. You’ll have a chance to share your goal, talk about your progress, and

When and Where

Watch this space for the next offering.