Write Now! Workshops and Speaking Engagements

Rochelle speaks on a wide variety of writing topics for workshops and speaking engagements, including the following:

Mastering Social Media for Writers
This interactive class will teach you tools for creating your niche and developing an online platform in the information age. Learn how to create raving fans through online writing, blogging, and participating in social media.

Three Keys to Writing Nonfiction Books Fast
If only I had more time to write this book! Professional writers must turn around book copy quickly. In this workshop, you will learn the three key elements that help writers complete their books fast.

Three Keys to Writing Book Proposals that Sell
If you want to sell your book to an agent or major publisher, you need to create a book proposal that works. Learn the tools you need to create a winning book proposal!

Write Now! Live Better: Writing to Transform Your Life
Journaling improves memory and sleep, boosts immune cell activity, supports you in achieving your goals, and increases your longevity. In this workshop, you will learn easy, life-transforming exercises from positive psychology and narrative therapy.

Set and Achieve Your Writing Goals
Do you dream of writing a book but never seem to find the time? Positive psychology studies the behaviors that work. Learn the tools and secrets to creating a vision, setting goals that work, and making a plan to achieve them.

Build Your Writing Career
Publishing is changing rapidly. Whether you are launching your writing career or struggling to stay afloat, this class will teach you how to be successful in the current marketplace. Learn five key tools for success including how to create a personal brand and tips for pitching your ideas.

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