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Author and professional coach Rochelle Melander works with authors, speakers, coaches, spiritual leaders, and business owners to identify, clarify, and achieve their goals. Using tools from positive psychology, narrative therapy, and wellness research, Rochelle supports her clients in moving forward quickly. Whether you are launching a personal wellness program or a new business venture, coaching with Rochelle will support you in getting it done right now!

What does successful coaching look like?

  • In just one session, a procrastinating client was able to create a plan to finish a project (and did it)!
  • In ten months, a client set up a Web site, started a writing project, and launched a successful national speaking and writing career.
  • In one year, a client discovered several life goals, started and finished a professional coaching program, began writing a book, and launched a successful blog.
  • In one year, a client with a full time job was able to incorporate her passion of making art into the routine of her daily life.
  • In less than five sessions, a client was able to discover her perfect next career and start the job search.
  • In less than a month, a client started a daily exercise program and has stuck with it for more than a year.

What will your transformation look like?

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Coaching Packages

Jumpstart your Life Coaching
This six session coaching package is designed to help you set and achieve one or more life goals. Each session is 45 minutes long. The fee is $587.

Individual Sessions
Individual sessions are $100 for 45 minutes. Contact Rochelle for scheduling and payment information.

What clients are saying about Professional Coaching with Rochelle:

Rochelle has coached me through three years of transition from a large corporate church to a small church plant, sustaining me through times when I was adrift in grief, cut off from familiar moorings that gave my life meaning. Our sessions were the place that the disparate parts of my life were integrated. She was invaluable in encouraging deep soul work alongside the external decisions, in helping me to develop a future vision of myself as well as a present plan of action. I count on her for the questions that expand my horizons, the assignments that open my heart, and always, words that speak to my spirit.
—The Rev. Dr. Sally M. Brower, Episcopal Priest, Church of the Beloved, Charlotte, North Caroliina

I've been working with Rochelle for almost 4 years. Her insights and support as a coach have helped me navigate some of the most challenging times in ministry. She coached me through time in mission fields and through conflict situations in ministry "back home". Rochelle's availability and honesty have been priceless!
—Katherine, parish pastor and former missionary

Coaching with Rochelle has helped me keep first things first. It has enabled me to hang in when I wanted to give up and run away. Coaching has connected me with the importance of taking time to plan, to reflect, to vision, and to gain practical knowledge, and this in turn, has not only improved my professional life, but all of my life. Coaching has made a huge difference for me and that is why I recommend it to others.
—The Rev. Nicole Reilley, Lead/Teaching Pastor, Santa Margarita United Methodist Church

The coaching process assisted me in clarifying goals that had remained fuzzy for years. As a direct result of my work with Rochelle, I have started writing a book, completed life coach training myself, and increased my skills as a speaker, group facilitator and presenter. Rochelle is relentless in assisting her clients in uncovering/discovering the core action that has to be taken in order to move a project forward—because, as she said more than once to me, “until you know what to do next, nothing gets done.” Thank you, Rochelle, for helping me to get on task and move on with my life!
—The Reverend Gary B. Manning, Episcopal Priest, Trinity Lutheran Church, Wauwatosa, WI

What a boon Rochelle's coaching has been to my personal and professional life! Working with her coaching style has taught me how take "bite-able bites" or small steps, in managing my time to include both my passions and my goals. Coaching has helped not only my time management skills, but my "life purpose" issues by helping me to train myself to set boundaries, balancing my private and work lives, and ultimately, to learn to live and "be present" in the moment. If this sounds small, it is NOT! What a HUGE gift to give yourself, your life, and those whom you value. Coaching CAN, literally, be life-changing.
—The Rev. Ingrid Huebner
Speaker and workshop presenter

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